Pacquiao vs Mosley: PPV TV Schedule and Live Streaming

Pacquiao vs Mosley Boxing Fight May 7, 2011Pacquiao vs Mosley: PPV TV Schedule and Live Streaming

Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley will square it off this Saturday night, May 7, 2011 9PM ET/6PM PT at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The MGM Grand can accommodate 16,800 people but there will be more than that, in millions, tuning and watching in around the world through Pay-Per-View and live streaming.


UPDATE: Pacquiao dominates Mosley. For the complete Pacquiao-Mosley Fight Results, refer to the link provided.

Where and How to watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Boxing Live?

The easiest option to watch the fight live with High quality is by ordering it through your cable provider. If you have Comcast, Time Warner Cable, RCN or a satellite like DIRECTV or Dish Network, order it now through your cable provider for the fee of $54.95 (or $64.95 for HD).

You can watch it on SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View with high quality for a fee of $49.95.

Also, not only in the Philippines, we are sure you can find bars near you showing the Pacquiao-Mosley boxing fight as well but with a fee plus lunch or drinks inclusive.

So, what are you waiting for, contact your local cable provider now.

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