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Use Your Mobile As A Multimedia Device

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Mobile devices have fast emerged as more than just the way of communications for the future. Smartphone and tablet computers can now replace a traditional desktop PC or laptop whilst offering added extras and special features. Mobiles have become complete multimedia devices and users are now able to just about anything on a portable, handheld device.

The Android operating system has become the world’s most popular mobile OS and Apple products that feature the Apple iOS come in a close second. Both these operating systems allow users to enjoy games on the go, access the internet, stream sports or watch movies and offer a full suite of communication features.

The built-in internet connection of most mobile devices is possibly their best feature, as users can connect on the go or download and play games at will. Instant electronic communication has gone beyond email, with chat programs such as Skype and Whatsapp being utilised internationally. Millions of users take advantage of the free software on offer to run their business or communicate with friends and family abroad.

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