Blogging as a Life and Learning in General

So you’re forever changing your Facebook and Twitter status updates and have been posting photographs every other day, but wish that you had more control and that your account wasn’t governed by a third party. You know it’s time to start a blog, but a) you have no idea how to start, and b) you have no idea what you’d actually blog about. Believe it or not, it’s simpler than you think and with all the advice out there on how to do so, each day you don’t blog is another day of wasted opportunities. Let’s dive right in.

For a moment pretend you’ve never been to a casino and one day you decide that you’d like to try your hand at a little gambling. Where do you go and how do you know where to start? Well firstly, if you were at home on your pc and logged onto an online casino such as Jackpot Capital Casino you’d feel a lot more comfortable compared to if you were at a land-based casino. For one, nobody is watching and no one will see if you make any foolish errors, and secondly, you have the luxury of playing at any time it suits you, so if you’re an insomniac and decide to gamble in the early hours, that really isn’t a problem because you’re in the comfort of your own home and no one cares that you’re in your Spiderman PJ’s. Well that’s very much like blogging. You can do it whenever and wherever you like. No one is looking over your shoulder and no one can see your hand. If you do embellish the facts slightly, it isn’t a deal breaker because it is your blog and as long the information is truthful and serves you well, go for it.

Start off by registering a URL. Don’t ever change it. Ever. Not only will you create confusion and lose readership, but you will sabotage your own SEO (search engine optimisation). What goes hand-in-hand with this is identifying what you’d like to blog about. Ideally you’d like your URL to give some indication of what your blog is about, but this isn’t always possible.

Try to post high quality content. The quality of your content is what will keep readers engaged and coming back for more. In the beginning one generally has quite a bit to blog about but as time goes on many people find it becomes harder and their ideas start drying up, so whenever an idea for a blog post comes to you, write it down so that you can refer back to it at a later date.

Once you’ve created your blog and have written your first article, it’s time to start marketing your blog. Make use of social media sites to promote it, as it is here that you will pick up many of your prospective readers.

Set aside time each week – each day if you can – to devote to brainstorming and researching topics for your blog. Certain blogs will be easier to write and maintain than others, but when you put effort into your thought process it will ultimately show and it won’t look as though you’re simply posting for the sake of posting.

And finally, have fun. Blogging is meant to be enjoyable and not a burden. If you find yourself wondering why you ever started this journey, take a few minutes to look back to your earlier posts and remind yourself of the reasons you started blogging. Give yourself credit for all the hard work you’ve put in and the many hours of pleasurable reading you’ve given to your followers.

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